Browser support

Also list feature support, usage and how to detect support


A curated list of awesome WebGL libraries, resources and much more (github)

List of WebGL frameworks (Wikipedia)

Learning and reference

WebGL Fundamentals
WebGL from the ground up. No magic.

WebGL 2 Fundamentals
WebGL2 from the ground up. No magic.

Learning WebGL
Learning WebGL

Learning Three.js
Learning Three.js

Online courses (video)

Interactive 3D Graphics: Creating Virtual Worlds

Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL (Angel)

Introduction to WebGL 3D with HTML5 and Babylon.js

Computer Graphics (UC San Diego)

Foundations of Computer Graphics (BerkeleyX)

Inspectors and Debuggers

Spector.js is a WebGL debugger that you can use to debug any WebGL context (including WebGL2).

WebGL GLSL Shader Editor Extension for Google Chrome
A Chrome DevTools extension to help you edit shaders live in the browser.

WebGL Inspector
WebGL Inspector is a tool inspired by gDEBugger and PIX with the goal of making the development of advanced WebGL applications easier.

Online Utilities

normal map online

Normal map online

Normal Map Online





Texture generator online

Texture generator online

Textue Generator Online