Material viewer for Three.js, Babylon.js and PlayCanvas
engine (*WIP*)

View (here).
A simple, basic material viewer that allows you to set the
ambient, diffuse, specular and emissive properties of a
material (along with some scene properties), and preview/
compare the results in Three.js, Babylon.js and PlayCanvas

Filleted (curved) Geometry for Three.js
View (here).
The fillet is generated by pushing all the vertices of
a box onto a sphere then offsetting them to form the
filleted box.

fillet box

Have a heart… for all your heart shaped geometry needs
Heart Geometry for Three.js
Demo showing the various options (here).
The geometry is the surface derived from the formula:
(2x^2 + y^2 + z^2 – 1)^3 – 0.1x^2z^3 – y^2z^3
(Based on the C implementation by Mateusz Malczak)

Heart Geometry for Three.js
Simple example (here).


WebGl Widget – My submission for the second Khronos 2014 Widget contest.

WebGl Christmas – A Babylon.js Christmas “card”. christmas2014