I’m available for consultancy, development and teaching related to WebGL, GLSL, Three.js, Babylon.js, etc. Please drop me a line to discuss your requirements further.

The London WebGL Workshop MeetUp page is at meetup.com/WebGL-Workshop-London
I tweet – @CarlBateman

The Workshop

A FREE after work hours WebGL workshop, where developers of mixed abilities can work through code samples (e.g. from an appropriate text book such as “WebGL Up and Running“), the aim being to provide each other with insight and mutual support.

Learning WebGL, I couldn’t find a free WebGL course so I thought I’d start one, and here we are!

The “Team”


Carl Bateman – General dogsbody and chief bottle washer
By day, I’m a desktop software engineer using C#, C++, .NET, MySQL and LINQ.
By night, I’m a hobbyist graphics/game dev presently concentrating on Unity and WebGL (and consequently JavaScript, PHP, CSS and HTML5).

We are (I am?) pretty much a one-band at the mo’, with notable assistance from Robert Bateman (no relation) and Alvin Sight.

So, any help with publicity, finding sponsors, organising venues, speakers and food would be gratefully appreciated.


SkillsMatter venue providers, without whom none of this would not be possible.
Pearson provided several e-copies of the WebGL Programming Guide to give away at our first workshop.

If you’re interested in sponsoring us — we need help with/would appreciate help with publicity, organising venues, speakers and food — please email me at [email-obfuscate email=”[email protected]” link_title=”WebGLWorkshop.com”].