Workshop 12 – Christmas Comes to Babylon Three

16th December 2014

Base file Empty, desolate plane… oh, the isolation.
Snowman Lonely Snowman.
Tree Lonely tree.
More trees Lots of lonely trees.
Snow It’s snowing.

Base file Empty, tranquil plane, oh, blessed solitude.
Snowman Intrusive Snowman.
Tree Snowman hiding behind a tree.
More trees Tree invasion.
Snow And, now it’s snowing… it’s starting to look at lot like Christmas.

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Workshop 12 – Christmas comes to Babylon Three

Christmas comes to Babylon Three (an Introduction to Babylon.js and Three.js)
Tuesday, December 16, 2014 – Skills Matter, London

being an introduction to those most noteworthy of WebGL enablers — Babylon.js and Three.js wherein we shall endeavour to render a simple electronic Yule Tide scene for each.

In keeping with the seasonal theme there will be door prizes (Packt ebooks on the subject of Three.js or WebGL supplied by my good self).

The supply of Pizza and certain beverages may also be arranged.

Arrival from 6:15 for a 6:30 start.

And a merry Christmas to one and all.

This is a hands on session. A laptop with a browser that supports WebGL ( and your favourite editor.
• Some knowledge of HTML and programming preferably Javascript (or similar).
• Some features will require a server, although there are workarounds. ( and Visual Studio provide one, or you can use node.js or whatever you’re comfortable with.)

If you’re planning on attending, please RSVP and register on the Skills Matter site: