WebGL evening of networking and talks

The Khrons London Chapter / WebGL Workshop is hosting a WebGL network evening with talks.

Thursday, February 12, 2015, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Innovation Warehouse
1 East Poultry, 1st Floor, London, EC1A 9PT

With after meetup drinkies at the Butcher’s Hook and Cleaver (here).


Ken Russell (@gfxprogrammer, Software Engineer, Chrome GPU team, WebGL Chair)
Ken will speak a little about the current state of WebGL and show some demos.

Rob Bateman (@robnet, Away3D)
WebGL in Typescript – getting started with AwayJS
A look at how Typescript can leverage WebGL to allow a cleaner approach to accelerated GPU graphics. We’ll use the new framework AwayJS to get setup, look at code examples and cover several workflows for assets, including a brand new plugin for Flash Pro allowing 2D animation exports.

Maksims Mihejevs (@mrmaxm , PlayCanvas)
Maksim will talk about Physically Based Rendering (PBR) in WebGL, how useful and industry possible it is, and the complications of implemention in WebGL and tools workflow.

Alvin Ourad (@alvinsight, Goodboy Digital, pixi.js)
Alvin will speak about how the widespread usage of WebGL has exploded thanks to its increasing ubiquity and will touch on how they leverage it at Goodboy Digital to add an extra level of visual finesse and fun, and probably a sneak peak at the new version of pixi.js.

Benjamin Blundell (@secti0n9, Section 9)
“WebGL minus Web” – This talk consists of three short demos of WebGL projects that were designed to be used outside of a traditional web-browser (at least partially). Each one caters to a very different audience, with very different engineering concerns and development cultures affecting the build along the way.