Workshop 01 – Introduction

25 Nov 2013

For the first WebGL Workshop I reviewed the code behind a number of existing WebGL pages (one intent of the Workshop is to help participants understand WebGL by review), since the code is not all mine this page contains links to the original pages where appropriate.

Create WebGL Context – original Mozilla sample
Create WebGL Context – with some changes to function initWebGL()

Use shader from string – source from WebGL Up And Running
(Tony Parisi) – Example 1
Use shader from string – as a standalone web page

Use shader from script – source from Get started with WebGL: draw a square
(Bartek Drozdz)
Use shader from script – as a standalone web page

Basic animation – original Learning WebGL lesson 4
(Tony Parisi)
Basic animation – as a standalone web page

Textures – original Learning WebGL lesson 5
(Tony Parisi)
Textures – as a standalone web page

Movement and Keyboard control – original Learning WebGL lesson 10
(Tony Parisi)
Movement and Keyboard control – as a standalone web page

Rotation and Mouse Interaction – original Learning WebGL lesson 11
(Tony Parisi)
Rotation and Mouse Interaction – as a standalone web page


Disclaimer: The code used here is from a variety of sources, which I’ve tried to credit. I have no intention to claim the work of others as my own. If I am infringing copyright it is unintentional, please notify me and I will correct the situation.