Workshop 16 – Light and shadow made easy… with Three.js

Tuesday, 2nd June – Arrival from 6:15 for a 6:30 start
at The Skills Matter eXchange, London

Free, as usual

Highlights include

No maths!

·  WebGL and GLSL
·  Light, shade, materials, textures and shadows.

Three,js – How to:
·  set up a scene
·  define and apply a material
·  add lighting
·  add shadows

Bonus… thing
A look at SketchFab, which allows the embedding of 3D models into web pages using WebGL.


• A laptop with a browser that supports WebGL ( and an editor that can handle HTML and JavaScript.
• Some knowledge of HTML and programming, preferably JavaScript (or similar).
• Some features may require a server (e.g. image loading), although there are workarounds. ( and Visual Studio provide one, or you can use node.js or whatever you’re comfortable with.)

If you’re planning on attending please RSVP on our MeetUp site and register on the SkillsMatter site (